Product Development & Engineering Services 

For Medical Devices & Consumer Electronics

We work with startups, entrepreneurs and large corporations - from proof of concept to complete design and outsourcing strategies. We can manage all aspects of your design project to help you focus on your core business.

Our Flexible Business Model Saves You Time and Money

We Have Expertise In: 

⦿ Turnkey Medical Device Design and Outsourcing Strategies
⦿ Medical Device software Validation and Verification (V&V)
⦿ FDA & Regulatory Compliance (FCC, FDA, CE, IC, etc.)
⦿ Bluetooth (BLE) Design, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) & Cloud interface
⦿ iOS/Android Bluetooth App Development
⦿ FPGA, Embedded System and Software/Firmware Architecture
⦿ Legacy Products Update & PCBA Reverse Engineering
⦿ Design & Technology Transfer
⦿ Mechanical, Electromechanical & Industrial Design
⦿ PCB Layout & Turnkey Outsourcing Assistance
⦿ Rapid Prototyping & Concept Development

We work with you in stages to manage costs and ensure your design concept fits your budget. Whether you're at the prototype stage or beyond, we're here to help take your project to the next level. Our goal is to support you every step of the way, bringing your design ideas to life while staying within your financial goals.

Phase I - Discovery & Planning 

This phase is crucial for understanding the feasibility and technical aspects of your product.

Phase II - Device Design & Development 

This phase sets the stage for the manufacturing of your product. We work with you to make sure all your requirements are met and are aligned with manufacturing standards. 

Phase III - Manufacturing & Scale-up

Tap into our vetted manufacturers in the US and overseas for the best option for your budget & design needs.  

Please see our list of capabilities here.

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