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We understand the significance of developing your early-stage product on a budget. Having assisted many entrepreneurs and early-stage companies in efficiently navigating the startup stage, our most important advice to our clients is to swiftly develop their product's POC (Proof of Concept). It is essential for your success as it allows you to test your product and showcase it to potential investors.

We've also assisted more established companies with their product design needs. Our services include optimizing BOM cost, fine-tuning your product through completing a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) analysis, and identifying the ideal contract manufacturer aligned with your objectives and cost targets.

Most importantly, our passion lies in helping you achieve your objectives, and we will guide you every step of the way. With our extensive experience, we'll gladly share our knowledge to ensure your success – that's our ultimate goal.

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Embedded & Electronics Design (Bluetooth)

Our team is highly experienced in electronics design & development including:

Sensors integration

Embedded systems MCU families:

Standalone RF network controllers such as 

Mobile Apps Development & Colud Integration

Experience in iPhone & Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Apps Development 

Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design


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